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BUSN 412 Week 5 Quiz

In this paperwork of BUSN 412 Week 5 Quiz you will find the answers on the next questions:

1. In consideration that the "traditional" approach to strategic control is sequential, the following is not one of the steps in the sequence.2. The primary drawback of "traditional" strategic control systems is:3. The following is true for businesses facing complex and turbulent business environments:4. Contemporary approaches to strategic control rely primarily on:5. Our text states that informational control systems ask:6. All of the following are examples of strategic actions a firm might take except:7. The best example of a tactical action that a company might use in response to a competitive attack is to:8. The following is not a factor that affects how a competitor will respond to a competitive attack:9. A situation where a company has a high concentration of its business in a particular industry's market can be referred to as:10. The following argument is an example of ________________: A firm is considering a large price cut on its leading product as a way to gain market share. One executive strongly disagrees with the price cut and states, "We are in the same marketplace as our rivals, and we do not have any competitive advantages in our cost structure. If we cut prices, our competitors will likely do the same. The end result is that we will all make less money."SummaryWhat is the role of opportunity recognition in the new venture development process?

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