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buy and building PC

Student ID: 22132298 Exam: 027077RR - Buying and Building a PC When you have completed your exam and reviewed your answers, click Submit Exam. Answers will not be recorded until you hit Submit Exam. If you need to exit before completing the exam, click Cancel Exam. Questions 1 to 20: Select the best answer to each question. Note that a question and its answers may be split across a page break, so be sure that you have seen the entire question and all the answers before choosing an answer. 1. Which of the following statements is a good guideline to apply when buying or building a new PC? A. If you plan to use the Internet, double your RAM requirement. B. Choose your hardware before your software. C. The hard-drive size should be equivalent to that required by your operating system and your largest program. D. Hardware is relatively cheap, and you should buy more speed and capacity than currently needed. 2. If designing a computer configuration for use as a workstation for one specific application, what aspects of the software need to be considered as part of the design process? A. The minimum hardware requirements and the recommended hardware requirements B. The minimum hardware requirements and the application's cost C. The recommended hardware requirements and the licensing requirements D. The application's cost and the licensing requirements 3. Where is the best place to buy parts if you're building a PC for the first time? A. At a local dealer B. From a friend C. From a PC parts supply catalog D. On the Internet 4. Two technicians are troubleshooting a PC with POST memory errors. Technician A believes a faulty system board might be the cause. Technician B thinks the memory module might not be seated correctly. Which of the following statements is correct? A. Only Technician A is correct. B. Both technicians are correct. C. Neither technician is correct. D. Only Technician B is correct. 5. The heat sink mechanism is attached to the system board with A. spacers. B. screws. C. levers. D. clips. 6. Eileen and Bart are installing the CPU and heat sink. Eileen will install the heat sink over the CPU. Bart will install the heat sink under the CPU. Who is correctly installing the heat sink? A. Eileen only B. Bart only C. Neither D. Both 7. To install a CPU, you must A. press down on the top of the CPU. B. lower the lever on the socket. C. apply thermal interface compound on the heat sink. D. place it in the socket housing frame. 8. Which of the following might be a reason to build your own PC? A. Better overall PC warranty and service B. To gain knowledge and experience C. To save money D. Ease of determining parts compatibility 9. Two technicians are discussing building PCs from scratch. Technician A says that the operating system should be installed just before final chassis assembly, in case there are compatibility issues with the operating system that require part replacement. Technician B says that the operating system should be installed as soon as the motherboard, memory, and hard drive are installed, so that the operating system can download drivers and deal with issues as each new part is installed. Which technician is correct? A. Technician B is correct. B. Both technicians are correct. C. Neither technician is correct. D. Technician A is correct. 10. When selecting parts to build your PC, what component should you choose first? A. RAM B. Power supply C. Case D. System board 11. Two technicians are discussing methods to provide better airflow through a computer case. Technician A says to position the cables in front of the fan to help direct airflow through the case. Technician B says that a flat SATA cable will enhance airflow through the case. Which of the following statements is correct? A. Only Technician B is correct. B. Neither technician is correct. C. Both technicians are correct. D. Only Technician A is correct. 12. Two technicians are discussing computer assembly procedures. Technician A says that the expansion cards should be installed once the motherboard is in place. Technician B says the memory modules should be installed first so that expansion cards don't interfere with the memory module latches. Which technician is correct? A. Technician A is correct. B. Technician B is correct. C. Neither technician is correct. D. Both technicians are correct. 13. Greta and Phil are discussing monitors. Greta will be using her computer primarily as a server so she'll purchase a large-screen monitor. Phil will be using his computer to work with graphics so he'll purchase a large-screen monitor. Whose monitor will be most practical for the intended purpose? A. Neither B. Only Greta's C. Both D. Only Phil's 14. You turn on power to a computer system that has a new master hard drive. After the first beep, you get an error message. What should you do? A. Replace the defective hard drive. B. Set the jumpers on the hard drive to IDE 0, slave. C. Reconfigure the system BIOS to boot from the DVD and load the operating system. D. Check that the hard-drive cable is connected properly. 15. You're investigating buying options for obtaining a large number of low-cost workstations quickly. The workstations will be used for basic office work and don't need any bells or whistles. The company already has an on-site team for repairs, so a comprehensive warranty isn't necessary. A _______ system will best meet the company's needs. A. proprietary B. built-from-scratch C. whitebox D. brand-name 16. After installing a new system board in a computer system, you notice that the hard-drive LED no longer works. What is the first thing you would try to correct this situation? A. Replace the system board. B. Reverse the connector on the pins. C. Replace the hard drive LED. D. Test the continuity of the LED circuit. 17. A _______ PC system board has to be returned to the original manufacturer for repair. A. bundled B. brand-name C. proprietary End of exam D. whitebox 18. When assembling a computer from scratch, what is generally the first set of parts that should be installed to simplify the overall process and ensure connections can be checked easily? A. Power supply B. Hard drives and cables C. CPU and heat sink/fan assembly D. Memory modules 19. One advantage of purchasing a brand-name PC rather than a whitebox is A. faster delivery. B. lower cost. C. better dependability. D. more comprehensive service. 20. When purchasing or planning to build a new PC, what is the first and most important question to ask yourself? A. Should I buy a preassembled PC or build a PC? B. What peripherals do I want to attach? C. How much can I afford? D. How do I intend to use the PC now and in the future?

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