1. Which of the following statements is true about data?
A. It can be defined as a representation of reality. 
B. It is the ability to understand information. 
C. It has no meaning in and of itself. 
D. It is the ability to make decisions or predictions based on information. 
2. Which of the following is an implication for firms that have a threat of new entrants in their market?
A. Increased cost 
B. Reduced quality 
C. Increased demand for services 
D. Decreased market share 
3. Which of the following actions would an organization take if it decides to pursue a best-cost provider strategy?
A. Offering the best prices in its industry on its goods and/or services 
B. Attempting to gain monopoly in the market by means of an unhealthy competition 
C. Offering products or services of reasonably good quality at competitive prices 
D. Providing high quality products at low prices in specific markets 
4. Which of the following IS personnel is responsible for managing the firm's website?
A. IS auditor 
B. Web host 
C. Web hacker 
D. Webmaster 
5. With respect to decision making in organizations, __________ decisions are those in which the procedures to follow for a given situation can be specified in advance.
A. comparative 
B. structured 
C. unscrupulous 
D. asymmetrical 
6. Information about one's identity and place of living is an example of __________ data.
A. behavioral 
B. geographic 
C. psychographic 
D. demographic 
7. With respect to the types of information systems used in organizations, a word processor is an example of a(n) __________ system.
A. electronic commerce 
B. supply chain management 
C. office automation 
D. geographic information 
8. In order to take advantage of the high quality talent pool, Ernst & Young sets up operations in the Philippines and moves part of its tax services to its new facility. Identify this strategy.
A. Outsourcing 
B. Franchising 
C. Offshoring 
D. Importing 
9. Which of the following statements is true about information systems (IS) and information technology (IT)?
A. IT programs have a stronger managerial focus than IS programs. 
B. IS programs have a stronger data retrieval capacity than IT programs. 
C. Software and telecommunications are present in IS, but excluded from IT. 
D. IT programs are more technical in nature than IS programs. 
10. Which of the following types of information systems facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing? 
A. Social software 
B. Word processor 
C. Intelligent system 
D. Electronic commerce system 
11. Within the context of international business strategies, companies pursuing a(n) __________ strategy attempt to achieve economies of scale by producing identical products in large quantities for a variety of different markets.
A. global 
B. international 
C. export 
D. multidomestic 
12. Within the context of international business strategies, a global strategy is associated with __________ of local responsiveness.
A. low degree of global integration and high degree 
B. low degree of global integration and lack 
C. high degree of global integration and high degree 
D. high degree of global integration and low degree 
13. Mystic, a Texas-based fashion apparel company with subsidiaries in more than 25 countries across the world, is one of the most recognized brands in the global and domestic markets. In a recent interview with The New York Times, the CEO and the spearhead of Mystic Co. Burt Swager said, "The secret of the company's success is its ability to strike the right balance between centralization and decentralization." Mystic Co. is a firm that successfully pursues a(n) __________ business strategy.
A. global 
B. transnational 
C. home-replication 
D. multidomestic 
14. In 1994, a company called __________ released the first mainstream Web browser thereby opening up the possibilities of the Internet for the general public.
A. Netscape 
B. Microsoft 
C. Oracle 
D. Google 
15. With reference to assessing value for the IS infrastructure, architectural value is derived from:
A. the infrastructure's ability to enhance the profitability of the business. 
B. an investment's ability to extend the infrastructure's capabilities to meet business needs today and in the future. 
C. an investment's impact on enabling the infrastructure to better meet business processing requirements. 
D. assessing the extent to which an investment helps to meet requirements for control, security, and integrity as required by a governing body or a key customer. 
16. Which of the following occurred when Alvin Toffler's "third wave" gained speed?
A. Society moved from a predominantly agrarian culture to the urbanized machine age. 
B. Occupations changed to accommodate the mechanized society. 
C. Information became the currency of the realm. 
D. Individuals shifted from handicrafting items for sale to working in factories. 
17. Which of the following is a governmental challenge of operating in the digital world?
A. Differences in power distance and uncertainty avoidance 
B. Import and export regulations 
C. Aging population in the United States 
D. Videoconferences across different time zones 
18. Organizations deploying innovative information systems must have the human capital necessary to deploy the new systems. These requirements can be categorized as __________ requirements.
A. resource 
B. process 
C. risk tolerance 
D. customer 
19. Managers at the tactical level of an organization focus on:
A. deploying organizational resources to achieve the strategic objectives of the organization. 
B. routine, day-to-day business processes, and interactions with customers. 
C. long-term strategic questions facing the organization. 
D. complex problems with broad and long-term ramifications for the organization.


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  • * Which ** the following statements ** true ***** ******
    A ** can ** ******* ** a representation ** ********
    B It ** the ability ** understand information
    * ** has no meaning ** *** ** *******
    D ** is the ******* ** **** ********* ** *********** based ** ************
    * ***** ** *** following ** ** implication *** ***** **** **** * ****** of *** ******** ** ***** ********
    A ********* cost
    B ******* quality
    * ********* demand for *********
    * ********* ****** ******
    3 Which of *** *********...
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