BZ 400 EXAM 2 (20/20)

1. The protocol used by the Internet is called the:
A. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). 
B. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). 
C. Address Resolution Protocol (ARP). 
D. Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP). 
2. Provoking bidders to leave a legitimate auction to buy the same item at a lower price outside the auction space, where return policies and buyer protection do not apply, is called:
A. rafter bidding. 
B. bid skimming. 
C. bid luring. 
D. bid shielding. 
3.With respect to consumer-to-business e-commerce, __________ is used in order to have small, well-defined tasks performed by a scalable ad hoc workforce of everyday people.
A. nearshoring 
B. insourcing 
C. offshoring 
D. crowdsourcing 
4. Under the __________ computing model, organizations "rent" resources such as processing, data storage, or networking from an external provider on an as-needed basis and pay only for the services used.
A. cluster 
B. grid 
C. distributed 
D. utility 
5. Which of the following is a disadvantage of e-tailing?
A. It is limited by physical store and shelf space restrictions. 
B. It requires additional time for products to be delivered. 
C. It complicates the process of comparison shopping. 
D. It restricts companies to effectively compete on price. 
6. The suffix ".org" is reserved for:
A. governmental entities. 
B. commercial organizations. 
C. non-profit organizations. 
D. educational institutions. 
7. With respect to typical revenue models for electronic commerce businesses, Symantec and Norton are using a(n) __________ revenue model.
A. subscription 
B. licensing 
C. affiliate marketing 
D. brokerage 
8. In grid computing, the slowest computer creates a bottleneck and slows down the entire grid. A(n) __________ grid, consisting of a large number of computers, can help overcome these problems.
A. trusted 
B. edged 
C. clustered 
D. dedicated 
9. A hypertext document is otherwise known as a:
A. Web page. 
B. Web host. 
C. Web ring. 
D. Webmaster. 
10. In the __________ stage of business-to-consumer electronic commerce, dissemination of promotional and marketing material, like providing electronic brochures, takes place.
A. e-transaction 
B. e-information 
C. e-subscription 
D. e-integration 
11. _________ is used to transmit voice and video communication over the Internet.
A. Edge computing 
B. IP convergence 
C. Distributed computing 
D. IP routing 
12. Doug is a frequent visitor of online auction sites. He uses two different accounts to place a low followed by a very high bid on the desired item. This leads other bidders to drop out of the auction. He then retracts the high bid and wins the item at the low bid. This form of e-auction fraud is known as:
A. shill bidding. 
B. bid luring. 
C. rafter bidding. 
D. mystery bidding. 
13. EZBiz, the brainchild of three college friends, is a startup venture which plans to produce and market sports gear. They are currently trying to decide between a bricks-and-clicks strategy and a click-only strategy. Which of the following, if true, would most undermine the decision to adopt a click-only strategy?
A. The company has limited access to funds and is looking to keep its costs low. 
B. The public is wary of sharing confidential information after a recent spate of credit card scandals. 
C. A competitor is facing severe backlash after inadvertently releasing sensitive data into the public domain. 
D. Several companies who have switched from brick-and-mortar strategy to a click-only are experiencing severe channel conflicts. 
14. With regard to the World Wide Web, Web pages are stored on Web:
A. consoles. 
B. rings. 
C. consortiums. 
D. servers. 
15. Which of the following is likely to have the suffix ".edu" after the domain name in its URL?
A. Yahoo! 
C. The Federal Reserve 
D. Harvard Business School 
16. Companies following a __________ business strategy choose to operate solely in the traditional physical markets, approaching business activities in a traditional manner.
A. click-only 
B. click-and-mortar 
C. bricks-and-clicks 
D. brick-and-mortar 
17. Which of the following statements is true about the platform as a service model?
A. The customer is provided with the basic capabilities of processing, storage, and networking. 
B. The customer has no knowledge or control over the underlying infrastructure and has only limited ability to control or configure application-specific settings. 
C. The customer can run his or her own applications that are typically designed using tools provided by the service provider. 
D. Only the basic capabilities of processing, storage, and networking are provided.
18. Manufacturers of hardware and software often apply the concept of planned obsolescence, meaning that the:
A. companies have already decided when to launch their next product. 
B. product is designed in such a way as to extend its life span. 
C. product is designed to last only for a certain life span. 
D. product is designed to avoid obsolescence. 
19. Which of the following statements is true about electronic commerce?
A. Business-to-business is by far the largest form of electronic commerce in terms of revenues. 
B. Electronic commerce is limited to transactions between businesses and consumers. 
C. Electronic commerce between businesses and their employees is impossible. 
D. All forms of electronic commerce involve business firms. 
20. Which of the following occurred in the 1946-1958 generation of computing?
A. The interpersonal computing era ended and the internetworking era began. 
B. The internetworking era ended. 
C. The mainframe era began. 
D. The mainframe era ended and the personal computer era began.


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    * *** skimming
    C bid luring
    * bid **********
    3With ******* ** ******************** ********** ********** ** **** in ***** ** **** ***** ************...
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