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Presentation (PowerPoint) C3: Group presentation of research on an existing or emerging technology and its related ethical issues

As this assignment is a continuation of the previous individual assignments (Paper C1/C2) on researching an existing or emerging technology and its related ethical issues, you will have to work with your assigned groups for this assignmentNote: Each group will have to convey the name of the team-designated Group Leader to the Instructor, to provide a focal point for communications. To satisfy this assignment, each assigned group will have to gain consensus on the topic they want to use for the presentation. The group will draw from a pool of topics, created by each member’s contribution. The pool consists of the Paper C1 synopsis, and the Paper C2 attachment that resulted from individual research. The group will select a topic that will then be used as the single topic for the group presentation. As a result, group members must review each individual topic submitted as the Paper C1 synopsis and the Paper C2 attachment. The group will select a candidate topic from this pool, which will be used as the topic for the group presentation. The ability to work as a group, gain consensus (an old definition is “can you live with the selection made”), and collaborate together is vital to the success of this assignment!

The group presentation will be developed using MS PowerPoint and will include:

  • 1 Title slide including school, course, date of presentation, and names of all team members
  • 1-2 Introductory slides providing an overview of the topic selected and rationale for selection
  • 5-8 slides providing research results on emerging technologies and its related ethical issues
  • 2 slides on summary/conclusion
  • 1 - Reference slide

The Notes portion of MS PowerPoint should be utilized to elaborate, provide speaker notes, or explain key points as needed. If used properly, the Notes portion should reduce the amount of text on the slide. Make sure that your slides are not text-heavy and use a font size that may be readily seen by an audience. Remember to cite sources using proper APA formatting and provide clickable URL links. Ensure that your sources are reputable and credible. Do NOT submit research taken from Wikipedia sources, blogs, or sources with no date and/or author.

Submission of the completed, group approved presentations should be by the Group Leader’s to their Assignments slot. It is the group leader’s submitted presentation that will be evaluated. Only one presentation is required, as each participating group member will receive the same score, if they provided adequate participation in putting the Paper C3 presentation together. To ensure crediting of the same score that is awarded for the presentation, group members are expected to submit the required documents (i.e., C1 synopsis and Paper C2), assist in creation of the presentation, help to review and edit the presentation, and communicate!

Once all presentations are posted in the appropriate Assignment slots, there will be a follow-on conference (during week 8,) where students can remark on each team’s presentation. These presentations that are the highlight of Discussion Topic 8 will be posted by the Group Leader for each team. Comments made to Discussion Topic 8 regarding these presentations will be done in a respectful manner and is meant to provide students with positive and constructive feedback, as well as have the class benefit from other teams’ different research topics and conclusions.

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