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can anyone do this writing assingment ASSIGNMENT INFORMATION Due DateSaturday, April 17, 202111:59 PMPoints Possible100Write a 500- 800 word, double spaced, 12pt. type, times new roman font, and 1 in

can anyone do this writing assingment 


  1. Due DateSaturday, April 17, 202111:59 PMPoints Possible100

Write a 500- 800 word, double spaced, 12pt. type, times new roman font, and 1 inch margin essay.  Quotes and original ideas must be cited in text and a full citation on a Works Cited page.

Paragraph 1.  The cultural context of Descartes (Medieval -Early Modern Period)

Paragraph 2.  Discuss Descartes' Meditations on First Philosophy.  Trace his methological doubt and his conclusions.  Also, this should include critiques of his epistemology.  

Paragraph 3.  Discuss modern applications of Descartes' view of the mind and the social responsibilities implied by the appliation.

For Citation Help. (Links to an external site.)


Rene Descartes' Meditations on First Philosophy.pdf 

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