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Can i get help with my english essay

Essay Guidelines -

Within the essay portion of the application we ask that you do three things: 1. Tell the reviewers about your goals2. Describe any community service or other activities that have influenced your life.3. Tell us both of these things in around 300 words. 

Tell us about your goals: Tell us what you want to do with your life, and how our scholarship fits into those goals.

Tell us about any community service or other activities that have influenced your lifeBefore reading your essay you are just a name to us. This is your opportunity to become a person in the eyes of the reviewer. What influences your life? If you have not done much community service, then tell us about any person, thing or event that has helped shape your life.

Write 300 wordsMake 300 words your target. Most reviewers are not picky about the exact number of words. However, if you write significantly less than 300 words, we won't know you as well as the other applicants, and will be less likely to choose you for a scholarship. And, just as importantly, if you write significantly more than 300 words some reviewers may also penalize you with a lower score.

Show us that you know the mechanics of writing:

In addition to telling us about you, you are also displaying your writing ability.So please do your best to:Use paragraphs where appropriate.Write in essay form. (this is NOT a letter)Spell, punctuate, and use grammar correctly.

Be yourself and have fun!

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