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CARD 405 Week 4 Portfolio Draft

This file of CARD 405 Week 4 Portfolio Draft includes the solution to:

You will be preparing an electronic portfolio documenting your educational and career achievements and aspirations. You can choose to create a web page or you can use an application like Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint. Your portfolio should be logically organized, visually appealing, and include the following items (required content items are noted).

Title Page (*REQUIRED*)

Table of Contents (*REQUIRED*)

Statement of Authenticity: This is a statement indicating that you are the author of all materials contained within your career portfolio, that it is your original work, and that it is an honest representation of your skills. It should be inserted in your portfolio immediately following the Table of Contents. (*REQUIRED*)

Personal Mission Statement: The Week 4 Lecture will contain helpful information on how to write your personal mission statement. (*REQUIRED*)

Your Elevator Speech (also called a 30-second commercial): This is a short 15- to 30-second speech that memorably and succinctly introduces you and that you can use anytime and anywhere you wish to introduce yourself to a potential contact to spark his or her interest. (*REQUIRED*)

Education section with

DeVry plan of study (*REQUIRED*),

DeVry course descriptions (*REQUIRED*),

DeVry academic history (to be replaced by your transcript after graduation) (*REQUIRED*), and

Documentation of prior post-secondary education (optional).

Resum? (*REQUIRED*)

Professional Development and Training section (*REQUIRED*) (with supporting documents if available)

Reference section (*REQUIRED*) with

one letter of reference related to your technical skills, and

one letter of reference related to your transferable skills.

Reference list with your contact information and contact information for your references (minimum four) (*REQUIRED*)

Awards and Accomplishments section (*REQUIRED*) (with supporting documents if available)

Volunteer History section (*REQUIRED*) (with supporting documents if available)

Professional Affiliations section (*REQUIRED*) (with supporting documents if available)

Career Pathing section with your 1-, 2-, and 5-year goals (*REQUIRED*)

Work Samples (*REQUIRED*)

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