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Career Development / Life Plan - Human Resource Management

Minimum of 750 words. Min of 3 scholarly sources. ****Please be as detailed as possible in your answering and justification of your responses. 

Current job - Administrative Assistant for a DoDEA Elementary school

Future job - Human Resource Specialist 

Career Goal - Deputy Chief of Human Resources of Department of Defense Education Activity

Instructions: Graduate programs are organized to help provide the student with a well-rounded, balanced curriculum of interrelated courses.  These courses are to help stimulate and facilitate learning on a higher-level for graduate students, but sometimes the higher-level or order of thinking is not fully utilized to its fullest extent.  In many instances, students are asked to recall, comprehend, and apply given concepts, issues, and theories – instead of analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating their importance or relevance to one’s future career aspirations.  Thus, one’s countless hours of studies to obtain a graduate degree may mean just that – a graduate degree in a physical sense, not a practice one. -- How can you use your coursework in your current and future career plans? 

-- Have you been able to incorporate and utilize the various elements of learning (concepts, theories, issues, discussions) into your current work situation? 

-- Please provide a detailed discussion of this potential application process of your graduate coursework. 

-- Specifically, do you think that you will be able to carry over the knowledge gained in your graduate coursework into your future career plans? 

-- Were there specific courses that you considered more important than others in terms of your personal and professional development? 

-- Were there courses that you helped you to achieve more personal and professional enrichment? 


HRMT600 - Human Resource Management 

MGMT600 - Organizational Management 

MGMT601 - Organizational Behavior  

MGMT610 - Cross-Cultural Management  

MGMT615 - Strategic Planning  

MGMT618 - Ethics in Leadership  

MGMT501 - Research Methods in Management Science  

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