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Career Portfolio

This is for my career portfolio class. My major is advertising design. You can make up anything just make it about my major. 

For each part from 1 to 5 :

Write a one page, double-spaced paper for each of the skills listed below.  Be specific and give examples.  make sure you write 1 page for each part (total 5 pages). Each part should be in a separate page.

  • 1.      Communication: Give examples of ways you have effectively exchanged ideas through various media in both individual and group settings.
  • 2.      Time Management:  Give examples of your use of goal setting and time management strategies used to fulfill responsibilities, complete projects, and meet deadlines.
  • 3.      Problem-solving:  Analyze components of a problem you have encountered, describe the solution you choose to implement and why.
  • 4.      Teamwork:  Describe a situation in which you had to cooperate and collaborate with others to accomplish a common goal.
  • 5.      Leadership:  Describe a situation when you were directly responsible for managing a group to successfully attain a common goal.

For each page cover the following: 

a. Reflect your strengths/weaknesses in each area.

b. How you have grown in each area since entering college.

c. Your plans to continue your growth in each area. 

d. Include several original examples of projects or assignments you have completed, and tell how it relates to the skill.

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