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Carl ColaAs a global leader in the

Carl Cola

As a global leader in the

beverage industry and over 5 years of international experience, Carl Cola is one of the most rapidly growing family businesses in Australia.

With its headquarters in Brisbane, Carl Cola has successfully built up 16 branches in 5 different countries with over 260 full-time employees. The executive management of Carl Cola follows a 'growth through the acquisition' strategy to expand the business into new international markets. With acquisitions of direct competitors, Carl Cola has successfully gained significant market shares in Europe and China. Furthermore, the acquisitions of competitors allow Carl Cola to increasingly utilize economies of scale and synergy effects. Carl Cola aims to be the cost leader in the market and relies on a wide range of suppliers to run its operations.

After a few years of strong growth and increasing profitability, the family owners of Carl Cola aim to sell 20% of their shares to a new strategic investor in order to finance future acquisitions through equity capital.

Kewl Kombucha

As a local market leader in the beverage industry with over 5 years of market experience, Kewl Kombucha is one of the most innovative and well-known businesses in Australia.

Following a 'growth through innovation strategy', Kewl Kombucha is operating its business out of its headquarters in Melbourne and employs a diverse team of 70 professionals form 12 different countries. Starting with the development and production of a Kombucha drink that is based on an innovative healthy sugar substitute, Kewl Kombucha has been able to develop a variety of juices, teas, and energy drinks that are based on the healthy sugar alternative. This has differentiated Kewl Kombucha from its competitors. Kewl Kombucha has built a well-known brand that is associated with a healthy lifestyle and sustainable production cycles. Kewl Kombucha relies on a small number of suppliers that are able to fulfil the high quality standards and sustainable production.

The owners of Kewl Kombucha are looking for new equity partners in order to finance future growth through the development of new products for the Australian market.

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