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Carlos, HR Manager of Hbucks Incorporated, prefers to have a specific and the same set of questions in conducting interview with standardized...

_ 26. Mr. Carlos, HR Manager of Hbucks Incorporated, prefers to have a specific and the same set of questions in conducting interview with standardized scoring to evaluate the candidate. This is best illustrated as _________. a. One-on-One Interview  c.  Structured Interview b. Panel Interview  d.  Unstructured Interview 

 _____ 27. This is the first step in the assessment of the candidate for a job. It deals with the obvious factors such as voice, dress, physical appearance, personal grooming, educational background, professional training and experience. a. Preliminary Screening  c. Job Analysis b. Job Specification  d. In-depth interview 

 _____ 28. The following are essential part of a job description except for one: c. Position Title  c.  Job Competencies d. Duties and Responsibilities  d.  Disciplinary Sanction 

 _____ 29. It is a letter informing that you are enclosing your resume and would like to apply for a job. a. Letter of Recommendation  c.  Resume b. Cover Letter   d.  Resignation Letter 

 _____ 30. It is a process of confirming accuracy of the information provided by the applicant. a. Reference Checks  c.  Recommendation Letter b. Reference Letter  d.  Interview 

 _____ 31. It describes the job in terms of key result areas and the functions and the roles and the competencies. It has less emphasis on specific duties and processes. a. Job Profile   c.  Job Description b. Job Specification  d.  Job Preview 

_____ 32. Ms. Lorna is tasked to conduct a job analysis for the whole organization. In data gathering, she obtained information through issuing a well-designed and explained JOB ANALYSUS QUESTIONNAIRE to employees and reviewed by Immediate Superior. Here are sample of questionnaire related to Job Analysis except for one __________. a. Job Components Inventory   b. Functional Job Analysis c. Job Elements Inventory d. Edwards Personal Preference Scheduled 

_____ 33. Myles is trained to administer this type of screening that analyses the individual's traits through handwriting. It can reveal the level of intelligence, emotional stability, imagination and ability to work with other as well as discover talents and capabilities. This is best known as: a. Roschach Inkblot Test  c.  Projective Test b. Graphology   d.  MMPI-2 

_____ 34. You need to fill up these required information in your application form except: a. Years of experience in a particular job b. Salary received in previous job c. Grades in major subjects d. The school where courses were attended   

_____ 35. Ms. Irene administered a psychological test to evaluate the cognitive ability of the applicant. She may utilize the following test except for one: a. Otis self Administering Test of Mental Ability  b. Culture Fair Intelligence Test c. Raven's Progressive Matrices Test d. Occupational Aptitude Survey and Interest 

_____ 36. Validity is to measure what is purports to measure while Objectivity us __________. a. Uniformity of the conditions and procedures for administering a test b. Scoring of the test results c. Consistency of response on a test d. Frame Reference  

_____ 37. It is a form of internal reliability in which the consistency of item responses is determined by comparing scores on half of the items with scores on the other half of the items.     a.  Item Homogeneity      b.  Split-Half Method  c.  Kuder-Richardson Formula 20 (K-R 20)  d.  Scorer Reliability   

_____ 38. Test Reliability can be determined in following ways except __________.     a.  Test - Retest   c.  Scorer Reliability    b.  Alternate - Forms  d.  Content Validity     

_____ 39. It is the degree to which inferences from scores on tests or assessments are justified by the evidence.     a.  Reliability     b.  Validity     c.  Cost Efficient    d.  Fair and Legal 

_____ 40. It is the extent to which two people scoring a test agree on the test score, or the extent to which a test is scored correctly. A test or inventory can have homogenous items and yield heterogenous scores and still not be reliable if the person scoring the test makes mistakes.    a.  Test - Retest   c.  Scorer Reliability     b.  Alternate - Forms   d.  Internal Reliability    _____ 41. It is a statistic used to determine internal reliability of test that use items with dichotomous answer (yes/no, true/false).     a.  Cronbach's Coeficient Alpha  c.  Kuder-Richardson Formula 20 (K-R 20)     b.  Split-Half Method  d.  Scorer Reliability    _____ 42. A statistics used to determine internal reliability of test that use interval or ratio scales. a.  Cronbach's Coeficient Alpha  c.  Kuder-Richardson Formula 20 (K-R 20)     b.  Split-Half Method  d.  Scorer Reliability      _____ 43. In a Marketing Ads Company, the Manager is looking for new Ads Specialist who is outgoing, flexible and can interact with all levels of clients. Which factor and information should the Manager will immediately look at in screening applicants.      a.  Previous Work  c.  Attended University     b.  Competencies  d.  Personal Characteristics 

_____ 44. The following statements are TRUE except __________:    a.  A test must be valid to be useful     b.  A test must be reliable c.  A test is a reliable does not mean it is valid d.  Reliability and Validity are the same and related 

_____ 45. The following statements are TRUE except __________:    a.  Promotion creates job opening easy to fill      b.  Promotion saves time and resources  c.  Promotion boost employee morale  d.  Promotion encourages the employee to aim higher position outside the company  

_____ 46. The following statements are FALSE except __________: a. All companies prefer referred who is recommended by somebody who is loyal and tested and has worked with them for a number of years b. Padrino system in hiring employees works best for the interest of the company c. Word-of-mouth is system is one of the least expensive recruitment method d. It is best to put up a job advertisement on a daily basis 

_____ 47. It is the most popular and effective means of soliciting applicants is advertising through media, newspapers, magazines, radio and television.    a.  Job Posting   c.  Advertising Media    b.  Referral   d. Job Fair 

_____ 48. Mary was sent by the HR Manger to PUP and FEU to conduct college career orientation to graduating students. Rica answers questions of students with regards preferred career and at the same time discuss available positions in the company. This is best described as __________.    a.  Campus Caravan  c.  Job Fair    b.  Campus or University Recruitment d.  Walk in Recruitment 

_____ 49. After 4 weeks, Peter received a good news from HR Manager that he was considered for the position he applied in QRS Company as Quality Engineer. In this instance, who made the decision to hire Peter?    a.  HR Manager    b.  Board of Directors    c.  Quality Director    d.  Chief Finance Officer 

_____ 50. In screening an applicant for Operations Manager position, it is highly advised to conduct what style of interview __________.    a.  One-on-One Interview  c.  Group Interview    b.  Panel or Round Table Interview d.  In-Depth Interview 

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