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Carpets Corporation Jasmine encountered her boss Aladdin at the espresso machine in the lounge. Aladdin is the VP of marketing at Carpets Limited.

       $1.20                               $0.80                                 $0.50          

 Total fixed costs for the entire company are $282,000 per year.

All three products are sold in highly competitive markets around the globe, so the company is unable to raise its prices without losing unacceptable numbers of customers. The company has no inventories of work-in process or finished goods due to an extremely efficient just-in-time system.


1.      What is the company's overall break-even in total sales dollars?

2.      Of the total fixed costs of $282,000, $18,000 could be avoided if the French Carpet was dropped, $96,000 if the Meditrainian Carpet was dropped and $60,000 if the Welsh Carpet was dropped. The remaining fixed costs are common and are unavoidable unless the company went out of business.

a.       What is the break-even quantity and dollars of each product?

b.      If the company sells exactly the break-even quantity of each product, what will be the overall profit of the company? Explain this result.

Complete the following independently from the above.

3.      In the bedroom furniture division budgeted sales by division and in total for the following month are as follows:

                                                                 French                      Meditrainian                    Welsh                      Total                                                       

Percent of total sales                              48%                                20%                              32%                       100%

Sales                                                       $240,000    100%       $100,000   100%      $ 160,000   100%   $500,000 100%

Variable expenses                                 $72,000      30%         $80,000     80%         $ 88,000     55%    $240,000 48%

Contribution Margin                           $168,000      70%         $20,000     20%         $ 72,000    45%     $260,000 52%

Fixed expenses                                                                                                                                                       $223,600   

Operating income                                                                                                                                                    $36,400     

Breakeven point in sales dollars = Fixed expenses      =  $223,600   = $430,000       

                                                                 CM ratio                        0.52

As shown by this data, operating income is budgeted at $36,400 for the month and breakeven sales are $430,000.

Assume actual sales for the month total $500,000 as planned. Actual sales by divisions are $French - $160,000; Meditrainian - $200,000 and Welsh - $140,000.

Prepare a contribution income statement for actual sales based on the above data and explain why the operating income is not as budget.

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