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Case Analysis TOPIC 1 : INTERNAL ASSESSMENT Q1. Key issues: At the firm level, what key issues were facing Rogers? Please list top three and explain. Any new key issues emerged in the past two years?

Case Analysis


Q1. Key issues: At the firm level, what key issues were facing Rogers? Please list top three and explain. Any new key issues emerged in the past two years?

Q2 - Strengths and weaknesses: What are the key strengths and weaknesses of Rogers in relation to its competitors in the same strategic group? What about comparing it with companies in a different strategic group such as Virgin Mobile?

Q3 - Value chain and sustainability of strengths. How sustainable/durable are Rogers’ current strengths? At which point of the value chain do you think Rogers has most potential to create great value for the customers?

Q4 - Strategy recommendations: Keeping in mind current competitors, what strategies do you think Rogers need to pursue in order to stay competitive and perform better? Specifically, how to deal with regional competitors (Bell-MTS, etc)? How to deal with new entrants of wireless segment? What to do about Rogers’ media business?

Q5 - Critique of Strategy: Any critiques on Rogers’ current strategy? Any PEST trends that you feel Rogers needs to pay particular attention to or explore? Would you suggest Rogers to focus on some areas and set lower expectations in other areas?

Q6 - Link key issues with strategies: How does your recommended strategic actions deal with the key issues you identified earlier? Have your strategies incorporated the SWOT analysis you developed in the external assessment discussions?


Watch this 5-minutes Youtube Video: "A day made of glass" in order to answer some of the questions.


Q1: Industry lifecycle stage: Which stage is the wireless, internet, TV, and landline segment at in terms of industry life cycle? Why? Note you don't have to cover all four segments in one discussion post. 

Q2: Five Forces analysis: How would you evaluate the five forces (high-medium-low) in the wireless segment of the telecommunications industry? Please provide your arguments. What about the internet segment?

Q3: Opportunities & threats: What are important opportunities and threats available for companies in the telecommunications industry?

Important note: opportunities and treats need to be present in there regardless of what companies do. The companies do NOT need to do anything (e.g., invest in something) in order to create the opportunities. Don't confuse opportunities with strategy recommendations. 

Q4 - Investment and PEST trends: If the future is going to be like what you see in the video “A day of glass”, what kind of investments do the companies need to plan in order to stay competitive in a new era of technology? What other political, social and technological trends do you think can impact competition in this industry and in what ways?

Q5 - Key success factors and country comparison: What are the key factors for a company to succeed in the telecommunication industry (or part of it)? When evaluating main competitors (e.g., Rogers, Shaw) with respect to these key factors, how well do you think these companies are doing compared with companies in the same industry in another country (pick one particular country such as the US)? 

Q6 - Industry attractiveness: If you could raise enough funds, would you be interested to invest in telecommunication industry? If yes, which part of the industry and why? If not, why? Which industry, other than this one, would be a good target for you to invest and why?


Case has been Attached. Need thorough analysis and details with, each question's answer needs to be below 150 words. 

Posts display deep understanding of case information, and present exemplary cases of applying theories and pulling information together. 

Posts offer exemplary strong arguments that actively stimulate and inspire deeper analysis of the issues, playing a leadership role in most of the questions

This is not an essay question. So do not attempt to answer all questions in one single posting but in this format 


Q1. Key Issues


Q2. Strengths and Weaknesses


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