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case study

The case write-up will use the following headings to analyze the case:

  • A Problem Statement: What are the main issues in the case?
  • Analysis: Why did the problems occur? This will include a relevant discussion that explains what events led to the key problems or issues with a link to the various OB concepts and how they were applied.
  • Alternatives: What options exist to fix the problem? This includes a summary of your assessment of the situation/problems, suggestions on what could have been done differently and a critique of the process involved.
  • A Conclusion: So what? Choose the best alternative, give future steps, and summarize the ‘moral of the story’.

The case analysis should be single-spaced in a size 10 font, without a cover page. The sections of the case should be divided by using headers. Theories should be separated through sub-headings. The content should be in paragraphs with complete sentences.

Do not need use all of the theories, just point out the relative theories from the case!!!!

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