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case study for Dr.Loizeaux only

READ THE CASE: GROWING MANAGERS and the Reading: Leadership Run Amok

answer all questions i attached here in the box based on these two. you can combine the knowledge form the reading" GROWING MANAGERS". but questions you will be answered are only related to case itself, so don't write other things beside case itself, but you must combine the knowledge from the reading i attached.  important: you can only take references from case itself and reading i attached.


Case Note 4: Growing Managers: Moving from Team Member to Team Leader

1. What did Richardson do right when she started her new job? What mistakes did she make?

What might have helped Richardson get off to a better start?

2. Critique Richardson’s first meeting. How could she have made a stronger impact on her team that day? Describe some ways that Richardson can effectively build her team.

3. In your opinion, who is at fault for Richardson’s poor performance? Explain.

4. What should Richardson do now?

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