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 1 | Page  ©Kaplan University   Unit 2 Process Tools Application and Annotated References  For this unit, you will submit your process tools application, worth 100 points and annotated references, worth 40 points. Refer to the detailed directions below.  Also, begin working on your detailed final project outline, due in Unit 7. PROCESS TOOLS APPLICATION Instructions: ● You will decide on an opportunity for improvement, and then you will work through the steps of PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) to select the process that will improve the opportunity. ● Utilize the Process Tools Application Template found in Doc Sharing to assist you with your project planning and execution. Requirements: ● Paper should be 3–5 pages in length. ● Refer to the Kaplan University Writing Center for APA requirements and utilize the Writing Center Resources found in Doc Sharing. ANNOTATED REFERENCES  Instructions: ● Please provide an annotated bibliography reviewing references used for your project. ● Utilize the KU Writing Center resources to learn more about annotated bibliographies.  Requirements: ● Include at least 3 references.

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