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Please help me ASAP to both parts A and B. This assignment is due tonight!

Chapter 14 Homework* Master Your ClassesTM | Course He X+OX->CNot secure |*ABPW G O le :: AppsHP Parts Store - HP ...Order Discount Con...New Student Check...The University of Tu...University of Tulsa Bb My Academics - Bla...Home - The Univer...ii Handshakee WSJ The Wall Street Jour...value:10.00 pointsNumber of Certified Organic Farmsin the United States, 2001-2008YearFarms20016,89120027,19120037,87920047.85220058,30920069.243200710,841200812,469Click here for the Excel Data Filefinal answers to 2 decimal places.)(a) Use Excel, MegaStat, or MINITAB to fit three trends (linear, quadratic, exponential) to the time series. (A negative value should be indicated by a minus sign. Do not round the intermediate calculations. Round yourLinearyt =Xt +Quadraticyt =Exponentialyt =(b) Use each of the three fitted trend equations to make numerical forecasts for the next 3 years. (Round the intermediate calculations to 2 decimal places and round your final answers to 1 decimal place.)LinearExponentialQuadratic61011ReferencesO Type here to search0e m nia # w9xI(?7:16 PM3/23/2019
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