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Chapter 15: Scheduling at Valley Memorial Hospital 1.

Chapter 15:  Scheduling at Valley Memorial Hospital

1.Using the Hours Required to Accomplish Tasks chart, determine the optimal schedule for assigning each of the six nurses to the six patients in the ward.

2. Based on the ICU Nursing Requirements data develop the best schedule for nurses on the 3:00 – 11:00 p.m. shift for the next 5 weeks.

3. Using the chart of the daily number of volunteers needed at the blood bank, along with the list of volunteers, illustrate how to schedule the volunteer staff.

4. Using the Cost Reports Processing Time chart, answer the following questions:

-If Naomi takes the ten reports in the chart as representing the sequence in which the order was received, how long will it take to get all ten reports into the system?

-Is there a better order in which to take the reports? Develop a better schedule and calculate how much time is saved.

-Show any time periods when Naomi or the data entry people are idle.

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