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Chapter 4 of the great Gatsby

1. Why do you think Fitzgerald lists so many names at the beginning of the chapter, when none of these people really become full fledged characters?  What is he trying to accomplish with that, do you think?

2. Look carefully at the paragraph that describes Gatsby's car.  What impression of the vehicle do you get from that paragraph and elsewhere within the chapter and the book?  (Again, discuss things ONLY UP TO THIS POINT in the book, NOT things that happen later with cars and driving, if you already know more of the story from previous readings or the film!)

3. What effect does Meyer Wolfsheim have on your impression of Gatsby as a person/businessman?  Does the introduction of him change your impression of Gatsby?

4. There is a section of the chapter that is, in essence, narrated by Jordan Baker.  It begins with "One October day in nineteen-seventeen."  Look through this section, and interpret it.  What is the connection between Gatsby and Daisy?  What is their history from this section?  What is your impression of Daisy from this section and thus far?

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