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Chem KA#6

Acids, Bases & Salts Performance Task

Task: Create a Magazine Article for Middle School kids (ages 11­-14) to help explain compare and contrast acids, bases, and salts.

Details: The National Science Foundation is developing a new magazine for Middle Schoolers. You have been given the task to create an interesting and informative article discussing the differences and similarities between acids, bases, and salts.

Assignment: Using what you have learned in chemistry and additional resources if needed create a 2­-3 page magazine article. You can write it in paragraph form or create a more creative layout with bullet points and headings. Both versions should include answers to the questions below as well as color pictures of each type. Be sure to give your article a creative title and list the author...YOU! Have fun and be creative.

Your Article should include the following three sections:

    1. Acids
    2. Bases
    3. Salts

Each Section above should include the topics below. You may include additional interesting facts but must have the information below to earn full credit.

● What is it? (Explain it to a middle school student who has never taken chemistry)

● Examples (Give real world examples that kids can relate to)

● pH range

● For Acids and Bases: Difference between “strong” and “weak”

● For Salts: How they are formed

● Importance

● Practical Applications (How are they used in the real world, explain why hte properties

help with these applications)

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