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Choose the best answer A long established airplane manufacturing company has a large workforce of highly skilled machinists, fabricators, welders and...

Choose the best answer

A long established airplane manufacturing company has a large workforce of highly skilled machinists, fabricators, welders and other workers. Many workers will be within the retirement age in the next 10 years. The company's HR manager, Tony, is looking over employee performance reviews and is reminded that many of the workers have worked at the company for 30 years or more. These highly specialized workers will be retiring soon and he is worried. The type of scenario currently facing Tony, and many others, in the field of Human Resources, is an indication of:

the scenario where as workers age, the cost of health care that a business must absorb is decreasing.

a significant challenge to HR managers with the changing demographics in the labor pool as well as competition for qualified workers.

the fact that younger workers are incapable of developing the skills needed to take over the roles of older workers.

how replacing retiring workers will be easily undertaken by a business's HR because of the large sufficient number of skilled younger workers available.

Which of the following is a good strategy for reducing employee turnover?

Bonuses contingent on the successful completion of a company exercise program.

Relocating a company to a new place each year.

Involving employees in decision making.

Maintaining a highly competitive workplace culture.

In an organization, human resources has not only the responsibility to oversee hiring and firing, but also to assess ways of minimizing employee job turnover. According to both the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other employee job turnover research, which of the following is one of the main reasons people leave a company?

There was not enough recognition for good job performance.

The internal marketplace had good job advancement opportunities.

Employees decide to start their own companies.

There were too few networking opportunities for employees.

The AW Direct trucking company recently had to terminate one third of its employees and restructure various divisions. Some employees left voluntarily while others were part of the layoff. Three months later, AW Direct was a leaner company with better financial controls and looked to hire back some of the previously terminated employees. What guidelines should AW Direct follow to decide on which employees to rehire?

Whether or not the former employee has a financial, medical, or family need that would place that former employee's financial needs above other former employees in consideration.

Whether a former employee is related to other employees or people in management positions at AW Direct.

If the decision to terminate was an employee's, the relationship the previous employee had with AW Direct, the amount of notice given by the employee prior to departure, and the needs of AW Direct.

Whether or not either party violated the employee's initial employment contract.

If a state has at-will employment, what does that mean for a company or employee?

Management must show just cause for termination, and in some cases, they must furnish written documentation to substantiate the reasons for terminating an employee.

If employees wish to resign, they need to explain why they are leaving their job and provide written evidence showing the reason they need to leave their job.

Companies can force employees to work for them for specified periods of time such as one year.

Employers can fire employees at any time and without any reason.

Mason just signed his official job offer with a new company. He will be paid $70,000 a year. He is an exempt employee and even if he works more than 40 hours a week he will not be paid overtime. What type of employee compensation does Mason have for his employment?



Piece work


Liam has been employed by the skateboard company, Alien Workshop for two years. Each February, Liam meets with his boss, Brandon, at Bill's Cafe to review his employee performance over the last 12 months. Brandon reviews Liam's prior year goals, discusses his performance and whether he met his performance expectations, and then sets goals for Liam to accomplish over the coming year. Brandon has just conducted ________ with Liam.

off-the-job training

on-the-job training

professional development

a performance appraisal or evaluation

What is the description used for professional development with regards to employment training?

Employees participating either inside the organization or outside of the organization, in any formal types of vocational education or technical training leading to a qualification or credential required to obtain or retain employment.

Training which takes place away from the regular work environment, which means the employee is not directly working at their job while the training is underway.

Training only takes place when managers need employees to acquire specific skills for their jobs which means its sole purpose is to increase productivity.

Training which takes place at the location of employment, and uses the specific equipment, tools, materials or documentation which will be used by employees after the training.

When an employee shadows another employees to observe the performance of the duties of his job and then the roles are reversed this is known as:

professional development

personal development

off-the job training

on-the-job training

After hiring staff, companies should use pre-determined metrics to evaluate:

the hiring manager and his decisions.

the effectiveness of their hiring process.

the new employee.

how well the new employee fits in with their team.

In different industries, the constant need for talent creates a ________ marketplace for individuals, and it is important for any manager to be aware of these factors as they develop recruitment programs and policies.


highly competitive



An employee of a sports franchise is a Seventh Day Adventist. Seventh Day Adventists hold their worship services on Saturdays. He has requested Saturdays off, but his requests have been denied. Because the company will not accommodate him, he is filing a complaint with the EEOC. The sports franchise has discovered he is filing a complaint and fires him. In addition to his complaint alleging religious discrimination, he is now eligible to also file a(n) ________ complaint.



national origin


Nathan is a customer service agent for a small nutrition company. He was disabled in a car accident and relies on his wheelchair for mobility. One day the elevator he uses broke. For a week, his co-workers assisted him as the elevator was being assessed, but the repair was delayed. Several weeks later, Nathan continued to use the steep loading dock ramp. After repeated conversations with management, it did not seem they wanted to repair the elevator. It was becoming a physical strain on Nathan and it was affecting his work. If this persists, which government entity would be able to assist Nathan in exercising his employment rights?

EBSA - Employee Benefits Security Administration

OSHA - Occupational Health and Safety Administration

ETA - Employment and Training Administration

EEOC - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

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