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Choose the best answer. Justify for full credit. ( a ) UMUC STAT Club wanted to estimate the study hours of STAT 200 students.


(b) A study was conducted at a local college to analyze the trend of average GPA of all students graduated from th e college . According to the Registrar , the average GPA for students with economics major from the class of 2016 is 3.5 . The value 3.5 is a

(i) statistic

(ii) parameter

(iii) cannot be determined  

(c) The hotel ratings are usually on a scale from 0 star to 5 stars. The level of this measurement is

(i) interval

(ii) nominal

(iii) ordinal

(iv) ratio

(d) 5 00 students took a chemistry test. You sampled 10 0 students to estimate the average score and the standard deviation. How many degrees of freedom were there in the estimation of the standard deviation?

(i) 99

(ii) 1 00

(iii) 4 99

(iv) 5 00

(e) You choose an alpha level of 0.0 1 and then analyze your data. What is the probability that you will make a Type I error given that the null hypothesis is true?

(i) 0.0 25

(ii) 0.0 5

(iii) 0.0 1

(iv) 0.10  

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