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CIS 312 Week 8 Quiz 2

This file of CIS 312 Week 8 Quiz 2 comprehends:

You are about to install an operating system on a computer. Which of the following is necessary to do?When you clone a system, you produce a system that is identical in every way to the original. The cloned system has the same SID as the original system. If both systems are placed on the network, you will have a conflict. What tool/utility can you use to modify the Windows SID?You are instructing a user who wants to upgrade as to whether her Windows XP system can support Windows 7. To provide this information you want to access the Windows System Information. Which of the following provides that access from a run-line utility?What should you do to verify a complete and successful Windows installation? (Choose all that apply.)_______ is a Windows 7 log file that contains information about the user directory structure, including security identifiers.Which of the following log files contains information about setup actions during the installation of Windows Vista?The GUI-based application for analyzing and configuring hard drives is ________.When using wildcard symbols at the command prompt, the asterisk (*) replaces _______.Windows XP needs which minimum requirements to install successfully? (Choose all that apply.)In Widows 7 Administrative Tools, what do you use to view and edit Group Policy security settings?Which one of the following is the minimum RAM requirement needed for Windows 7 32-bit?To enable applications written for older versions of Windows to run properly on Windows 7/Vista/XP, you can use the __________Wizard built into Windows.Antistatic mats and wrist straps prevent______, which can damage parts and systems.STOP errors (blue screen - also known as a blue screen of death) can be caused by which of the following?As a technician on the job, you are required to perform several tests in addition to investigating clues you received during the initial interview. Which of the following tests are you not required to perform?Which of the following files are involved in the boot process? (Choose all that apply.)The ability to diagnose and troubleshoot problems depends upon a combination of technical skill and the ability______.When a stop error/BSOD occurs, by default Windows 7 writes the debugging information to the hard drive in a file called ___________.Which of these keys is used to access startup options immediately after the computer starts up?If a disk access time gets longer over time, what could be the possible cause?

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