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CIS hw

my topic about this app (Square Cash ) https://cash.me 

and plz write the refernces and i need all the link that u use it  and this waht u need to do 

Topic suggestions are due Thursday March 2nd. Submit your topic idea by clicking on the assignment name above and typing a brief overview of the topic you are interested in. I'll respond as soon as possible once the suggestion has been reviewed.Topic research should be based on the emerging technologies in the field that you are covering. Topics should be something that you have a genuine interest in technically, something that applies to your current or future occupation, or something new that you've wanted to discover. You may choose a topic from the emerging technology links in the resource archive as a starting point, but be sure that you research and cite current articles beyond what is already listed.  

Final Project submissions are due Friday March 24th. Any articles, links, or videos referenced should be as current as possible- no older than 6 months in most cases. Your final documentation may be completed as a 3-4 page paper with at least 3 citations (double-spaced, normal margins, 12pt. font), as a screen recording with voice over powerpoints (5-8 minutes), or as some combination of written/recorded research. Check with me first if you intend to do something out of the ordinary. Cite your sources. Keep quotes to a minimum. Do not copy and paste or plagiarize in any way! Proofread closely, including spelling and grammar checking. This applies to papers and screen recordings. If you submit a written paper be sure your name is on the document, submit it as a Word document, and name the file using the following format: LastnameFI.docx. For example if your name is John Doe, the file will be submitted as DoeJ.docx.  If you submit a screen recording be sure to test the link to either the screencastomatic or youtube server prior to submission. Do not attach the video file. Include a brief shot of this assignment name and your login name on the blackboard site at the beginning of the video.

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