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Citizen Participation in Governing Science".

This assignment is based on Jasanoff's "Technologies of Humility: Citizen Participation in Governing Science". Begin by briefly differentiating between Jasanoff's "technologies of hubris" and "technologies of humility." Then choose a technological development that has some effect on your personal life or your community (e.g. GMOs, transportation, the Internet, resource mining, communication, artificial intelligence, pharmaceutical medicines, etc.). In your response, follow Jasanoff's four focal points to develop an assessment of what decision makers should take into consideration when determining the path for the development of this technology.

Use the following as a guideline for your assessment and support your work with specific examples from the text or other research.

  • Framing: Consider the problem this technology was meant to address. Is it framed properly or are essential elements left out of consideration? How could the problem be reframed to include as many relevant elements as possible?
  • Vulnerability: What factors contribute to the vulnerability of certain populations due to this technology? What besides humans may be made vulnerable by this technology?
  • Distribution: What structures—social, institutional or physical—would you suggest putting in place for examining the distributive consequences of this technology?
  • Learning: Describe any lessons that you think are to be learned from the current use of this technology. Are there barriers to this learning being conveyed to decision makers?

The answer should be well written and include at least three references from the readings or outside sources

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