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CJS 251 Week 4 interactive Media

CJi Interactive Activities Worksheet – Week 4

Complete this worksheet using only the week 4 CJi Interactive activities. To insure correct answers and context, do not use general internet searches, dictionaries, or encyclopedias. Although this is a worksheet, answers must be written using proper APA 6th edition formatting, i.e. complete sentences, indented paragraphs, double spacing between lines as well as proper capitalization, spelling, grammar and punctuation. It is not necessary to provide citation and reference information for your answers.

1.What are specialized courts? What do these courts attempt to accomplish? List some types of specialty courts.

2.According to our CJi Chapter 4 video, what is meant by equality under law or “justice?”

3.What is considered the greatest challenge to the juvenile courts? What is the goal of the juvenile court compared to adult court? How has juvenile crime changed over the past several years? How may the juvenile justice system change over the next ten years?

4.According to our CJi Chapter 14 media, what is the main difference between the adult and juvenile justice system? Explain the meaning of “parens patriae.” When comparing the juvenile and adult court systems explain the difference between the goal of each court, nature of the proceedings, trial system, and court records.

I will pay 10.00 including the down payment. Please use only the interactive media to answer the questions. 

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