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Climate Change: Are you for or against it?

 Climate Change: Are you for or against it?

Directions: Take some time to research climate change.

Identify scientific evidence that supports or refutes climate change. Discuss whether you support or do not support climate change as a human-caused event. Identify possible causes of climate change that are human related. Identify possible cause(s) of climate change that is/are not related to human activity. Identify the potential results of climate change. Suggest possible ways that humans could reduce the threat of climate change. (You must include this even if you do not agree that climate change is human driven.)

Write a persuasive article that you could post on a blog site or submit for an editorial section of a paper or website. You will want to include information on the three factors listed above. Use what you have learned to convince the audience that climate change is real and must be taken seriously.

Paper should be a minimum of 500 words.  All items must be addressed and should be free from grammatical and spelling errors and plagarism.

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