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CMCE 1221 .all Lycamobile 1:48 PM @ 1 64% ooo Hello Mr.Oraedu, I have gone to summer internship project at Discovery City project. Which involves the...

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CMCE 1221.all Lycamobile1:48 PM@ 1 64%oooHello Mr.Oraedu,I have gone to summer internship project atDiscovery City project. Which involves theconstruction of villas & Apartments. The villa areconstructing as gated community which hadstarted at 1st may 2017. And expected to end atApril of 2019. And the project is in finishing stage.All finishing works are going on. Suggest you tovisit it .The main participants of the project are1. Client - REFL ( These are the client of therespected project ) they need to check if theproject construction goes as per specifications arenot.2. Project Manager - RIL ( The head of project whooverseas the execution of project)3. Site Engineer - RIL ( Who will supervise theproject and make the work should be done as perdrawings.)Below is the attachment of the project locationfront view.ReplyQ12This was the first homeworkWriting Assignment: Email to Project OwnerWrite an email to the project owner in response to the project you selected in homework 1Discuss the following in your email:1. Project delivery method2. Construction sectorConsider the audience and tone of your email. Consider your email's format.Send the email to me.
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