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This assignment will assess Competency 9: Explore how the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) influences employee benefits programs.

As you have learned in this learning plan, COBRA requires employers to continue to offer health or medical insurance coverage to employees or their families after certain qualifying events. Provide a one to two page essay explaining what COBRA is and addressing the following:

Explain who is eligible for COBRA. Identify what qualifying events must happen for the employee as well as other family members to qualify for COBRA. Explain what the cost of the coverage is and why. Discuss what the length of the coverage is and whether there are any exceptions to that length. Explain how an individual applies for COBRA and if there are any deadlines on that application.

Your brief should be one to two pages in length and follow these guidelines:

Double-spaced 12-point Times font One inch margins APA format (title page, citations, reference page, and quotes over three lines do not count towards the minimum page limit) Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation
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