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Coding Audit and Reporting - Part I

Scenario: Imagine that you have just been promoted to the position of Coding Manager at Rasmussen Medical Center and you are now responsible for 5 fulltime and 3 part time coders. One of the important tasks that you will need to complete on a quarterly basis is a coding audit on each of your coders and several types of reports that will summarize the audit information.

The former Coding Manager completed the recent audit but she was not able to complete any of the reports prior to her departure. She has left you with the following audit information on a piece of scratch paper:

Coder 1 88.6 % Coder 2 96 % Coder 3 98.9% Coder 4 92 % Coder 5 89.9 % Coder 6 94.6 % Coder 7 81% Coder 8 91%

You don't know the coding accuracy policy by heart yet so you set out to locate it in the policy and procedure manual and you find the following Coding Quality Policy

Based on this information, what other past information should you collect so that you can be certain that you are complying with the policy?

Please write your response in a Word document.

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