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cohesion, coherence, and emphasis Principles: Put new Information last 2. Use passive voice judiciously 3.

cohesion, coherence, and emphasis Principles:

1.      Put new Information last

2.      Use passive voice judiciously

3.      Make sure the first and last sentences of a paragraph match

review these sentences for clarity using the principles form this lesson

1.      The goal, not to establish the prevalence of views, but to identify perception and belief ranges, was met.

2.      We have determined that the use of a mitt with a single vein sensor has the ability to find and identify a magnate in a human body part.

3.      We searched the ARVO abstract book for abstracts that were RCTs and controlled at trail inclusion whose existence was in the CEVG register. Abstracts and titles were downloaded from the CEVG registry.

4.      A new, continuous Blood Pressure (BP) monitor will be utilized to assess BP. The traditional methods of measuring BP, static assessment every quarter hour, have fallen out of favor.

5.      Estradiol has been shown to regulate hippocampal volume via memory consolidation in young mice pups. The density of hippocampal neurons differs across the estrous cycled in rats, when estrogen and progesterone are signaled. Frontal lobe development has historically been related to hippocampal volume. 

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