COLL 148 Week 4 Research Assessment

This pack of COLL 148 Week 4 Research Assessment encompasses:

Which of the following is NOT true about words? (Points: 5)

They can influence how we think

They have started wars

They have stirred nations to do the right thing

They can rarely motivate people

When writing a college paper, the tone and style and overall focus of your paper should be appropriate for (Points: 5)

Direct quotes and information you summarized or put into your own words (paraphrased).

Direct quotes, but not information you summarized or put into your own words (paraphrased).

Direct quotes and summaries, but not paraphrases because they are your writing

Direct quotes and paraphrases, but not summaries because they just give the general ideas

In selecting a topic for a paper, which of the following is most important? (Points: 5)

Study the assignment and know exactly what the professor wants you to do

Focus on what you know best: your personal interests and experiences

Not be worried about writing too much or too little

Choose a broad topic like depression so you will find enough research sources

In the age of the Internet, the library (Points: 5)

An outdated concept and has little real value for students who have access to the Internet

The hub of information and research resources in a college or university

Primarily useful as a quiet place to do homework

No longer needed to conduct serious research

Which one of the following is NOT a good way to create an effective introduction? (Points: 5)

Tell a story or create a vivid, visual illustration

Include a quotation.

Begin with a simple statement announcing your topic so you can end more powerfully

Ask a pertinent rhetorical question

Which of the following is NOT a good way to conclude a college essay? (Points: 5)

Make a final appeal for action or change

Refer back to the introduction (parallelism).

Repeat the thesis just as you wrote it in your introduction

Complete the story you used to hook your reader in the introduction

Re-emphasize and connect your main idea and supporting ideas

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