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COLL 148 Week 5 An Outline for Achieving Personal Success

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For Week 5, you are to prepare an outline with a title page and a references page. This assignment will be scored out of 100 points. A thoughtfully-prepared outline will help you organize all of your ideas and establish a framework for your well-supported, meaningful research project.Your outline should be one to two pages long and should cover all required elements of the project in a logical manner. Each body section of your outline must include cited, researched support from quality sources found in the academic databases.You must use at least three sources now, though you will most likely use more in your final project since you are continuing to research and learn.You must also include an APA-formatted title page and a references page listing all the sources you cited in the body of your outline.Introduction There are many business personalities out there as well as people who can inspire and dread in equal measure. Their successes seem like fairy tale, yet only a few have remained committed to the ideals of humanity (Mccully , 2008). These individuals have invested billions of dollars into philanthropy and sought to change lives of people so far away from home. Bill Gates has remained at the forefront of philanthropy for more than a….

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