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College is the shortest way to become an engineer, a doctor or a bachelor.

College is the shortest way to become an engineer, a doctor or a bachelor. Only need to hear the name has seen dread, then that's not to mention when having a university degree in hand, sooner or later they will earn a stable job to have stable life. But if that road is full of velvet, only those who have and who experience it can understand. But to answer the question "Is university the only way?" I would like to say that "University is not the only way", it is just a path that can be said to be the way quite simple and optimal.

"University is not the only way." But going to college will give us a horizon to learn new knowledge. University will open us a vast horizon of learning, studying, studying forever. In the University, the place where teachers, professors and talented people are called "the nation's". Those excellent teachers and intellectuals will be the best, meaningful Scouts as the magical keys that help young people open directly to the door of the science and technology castle and intellectuals. is a people with a tradition of studiousness, rich in intellectual aspirations? It is necessary to consider entering the University as a beautiful and luxurious way to advance, worthy of a good dream of many students. Having to focus all your time and energy to achieve good results in this university exam

In fact, there are many people who succeed not from the university path. University, just a stepping stone for us to go up the ladder of success in life. But because of such a concept, many young people have done all kinds of things, learning all the places to find ways to be in university lectures. Making a round of social networks during the exam seasons, you can easily encountering the words of lamenting despair: "The lesson is too much, you have to try it, try it .." or "How to get to university ..?" Passing to a university is not difficult, but for the average student, it is a real problem. However, knowing that I do not have the ability to take college entrance exams, but they kept their eyes closed and chose this path. Because, those who are not brave enough to take a different path, university is inherently the most chosen path after graduating from high school. Indeed, because of society's concept of "college is top "so many young people have a contemptuous look for lower-level diplomas such as intermediate, college and vocational training. But do you know, the value of success is what we achieve, not what we learn. Whether you study at university, college, high school or even if you don't learn after 12 years of schooling, you only need to have the spirit of learning, having a will to progress and having determination to do it. together, you will succeed.

It is absolutely not the only way to enter University. The world has witnessed many successful people without owning a university degree at all. They can still succeed by following different paths, as long as they have the passion, the effort and the hard work. There are many famous people in the world who don't need to go to college and still have admirable and typical successes like Bill Gates. Or inventors of inventors like Edixon, Anstain. The path to life, the horizon of today's happiness of youth has also opened up many doors. Maybe the university door is not open to you but other doors do not close with you.

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