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COM 155 Week 3 DQ

This paperwork of COM 155 Week 3 Discussion Questions shows the solutions to the following problems:

DQ 1: Often, students rely on improper punctuation and capitalization because of the popularity and convenience of sending text messages. In academic writing, however, you must strive to use appropriate punctuation and capitalization. Why do you need to use appropriate punctuation, including plurals and possessives, in your writing? DQ 2: Page 673 provides examples of how comma placements may completely change the meaning of a sentence. Knowing this, what can you do as a writer to ensure your comma usage helps you to communicate clearly? DQ 3: Review the lessons on commas and apostrophes in MyWritingLab. Based on what you learned, what can you do to minimize errors when using commas and apostrophes in your writing? DQ 4: Discuss the difference between plurals and possessives. Write three sentence using plurals correctly and three sentences using possessives correctly on the topic of how to store personal financial information effectively and efficiently.DQ 5: Chapter 41 shows examples of proper nouns that need to be capitalized. List four examples of capitalized proper nouns from this chapter. Explain your strategy for determining when to use capitalized proper nouns in the future.

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