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COM 345 Week 2 Quiz

This document of COM 345 Week 2 Quiz consists of:

1. There are two kinds of radio news releases. One is the radio reader. What is the other?

Radio flier

Talking head

Soundbite story

Factual releases

2. What is the name of one of the four models of public relations defined by Grunig and Hunt that focuses on gaining favorable publicity from the news media?

Press agentry model

Public information

Two-way asymmetrical model

Two-way symmetrical model

3. In all news releases whether paper, e-mail or otherwise, with writer should focus on who?

The photographer

The audience

The information

The critics

4. In the media business, VNR stands form what?

Very Nice Reporting

Virtual New Reality

Volume Not Reality

Video News Releases

5. What is the wrong time to attempt to call a news journalist?

Daily deadline times

Lunch time

During morning media meetings

First thing in the morning

6. What is one advantage of using a

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