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COM 360 Week 2 DQ1

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Now that you've had one week of this intercultural communications class and are all experts (kidding!), I want to go back to Chapter 1 and the intent of the necessary skills to become an effective intercultural communicator.

Expanding your own intercultural repertoire involves experimenting with different ways of looking at the world. You may hear it termed a world view. Building this skill may require you to step outside your communication comfort zone and look at things in a different light.

This DQ requires you to pick a custom from another culture. It might be something from someone you know, anything from the text or other authoritative source (not a blog!). Tell us what your custom is on that subject, and what the other culture's custom is on the subject and then explain why the other custom is worth consideration, or why the other custom isn't as crazy or weird as you thought it was at first. Look at it objectively and come up with what you think is the rationale behind it and why it's actually not such a bad idea (the rationale can be your opinion--keep this fun, but informative/educational)!

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