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Communication class, analysis/critique of a speech


An 800-900 word, double-spaced, typed analysis/critique of a speech made by an outside speaker (past or present, living or dead) is to be submitted on Canvas. I will accept a hard copy before the online due date.

       An analysis includes background information concerning the speech, the speaker’s point(s), his language usage, and reasoning.  The critique considers the speaker’s logical reasoning and how well he/she made their point(s).  The speech you choose must have been given in a public setting to a live or televised audience. YOU MUST INCLUDE at least 4 QUOTES from the SPEECH AS EXAMPLES. 

Include 3 outside sources: One for where you found the speech.  You may research the speaker, the event, the circumstances and/or references made within the speech. Include these sources in the Works Cited section.

Please read ALL of the details listed on the syllabus and follow the criteria included there.

Be sure to read the section on what constitutes a good speech for this assignment.

DO NOT USE announcements, a coach’s pep talk, news conferences, actors giving someone else’s speech, talk show interviews, quotes from the speaker’s books, any fictional character from a play or movie, impromptu acceptance speeches, comedians doing stand-up comedy for entertainment, a speech made only for YouTube or a family member’s lecture, or toast.

YOU MAY NOT USE these specific speeches:

DO NOT USE Abraham Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address,” Martin Luther King’s “I Have Dream,” Neil Armstrong’s “Landing on the Moon,” Lou Gehrig’s or Babe Ruth’s “Farewell to Baseball.”         

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