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To receive full credit for this assignment, you must accomplish the following:

1. Briefly, explain the communication theory "Dramatism" of Kenneth Burke in your own words.

2. Illustrate how the theory explains “real world” situations. 

3. Choose one of the following options to illustrate and apply the theory: a. Movie or television: Choose a scene or set of scenes from movie or television program you think is a good illustration of a communication theory in the assigned reading chapters. Explain how/why this movie or television episode illustrates the theory. b. Print media: Choose a passage or set of passages from a book or written article (news, commentary, comic) that exemplify a communication theory in assigned reading text. Explain how/why this passage can be understood in terms of the theory. c. Personal experience: Choose a personal experience you have had that exemplifies a communication theory in assigned reading text. Explain how/why this experience exemplifies the theory. 

4. What questions come up for you as you reflect on the reading chapter; i.e., critique and/or questions that you would like to explore and find answers to. 5. Reflection is minimum of 1 page - Times New Roman – 12 font and 1.5 spaced. Sources, if any used, are properly cited according to APA citation format.

5. Reflection is a minimum of 1 page, can vary between ONE TO TWO PAGES. Times New Roman, 12

Format:Times New Roman, 12 font, 1.5 spaces. NO NEED TO CITE !! AND NO plagiarism.

I HAVE ATTACHED ONE OF MY OWN PAPERS FOR YOU TO REFER TO AS A SAMPLE PAPER. THE SAMPLE PAPER HAS TWO THEORIES SAMPLE FOR YOU TO REFER TO . Look into it for sure as it will help you comprehend the expectations better.

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