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Compare and contrast three prayers

I have already written a page, there are two pages left. It is due tomorrow at 9 pm

Please compare and contrast the paper with proper inferences from the reading. Do not introduce unsubstantiated statements and be very engaged with the reading. Thank you.  re and c

ontrast paper with proper

inferences from the reading. The paper does not

introduce unsubstantiated

statements and is

very engaged with the material

Here is the instruction:

Read these three prayers: the Jewish prayer Shema, the Christian Lord’s Prayer, and the Muslim Opening Prayer (al-Fatiha).  

Your assignment for this paper is to look at all of the three prayers in an exercise of comparing and contrasting: and tell me in three pages:  What kind of God is being addressed in these Prayers? Who is God? What are the Characteristics of this God? Where is God? What is the relationship between God and Humanity in these Prayers (if any)? What is being asked of God in these Prayers? What is asked of the worshippers? Note: Please don’t utilize commentaries, research, or your Rabbi, Priest, or Imam to answer the above.  Make sure you utilize only the text from the three prayers. Make sure the paper is double spaced with a minimum 11 font

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