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Comparison and Contrast Academic Essay Your writing must be fully referenced in MLA format: Font format: Times New Roman/ Font Size:12/ Double spaced.You need three references (Journal articles, books

Comparison and Contrast Academic Essay

  • Your writing must be fully referenced in MLA format: Font format: Times New Roman/ Font Size:12/ Double spaced.
  • You need three references (Journal articles, books, etc.) related to the topic you choose. You should demonstrate the ability of using the source material, paraphrase them, and use them accordingly when expanding your paragraphs.
  • Your writing must include proper in-text citation and reference section.
  • The length of your writing should not exceed 800 words (excluding reference)

N.B. All the material pertinent to MLA, citation, and referencing that we have covered so far will help you stay on the right track.

Ideas for an easier choice of topic

  1. Reality vs. fiction in tall tales and legends
  2. Women in 1800s literature vs. women in literature today
  3. AutobiographyLinks to an external site. vs. memoirLinks to an external site.
  4. Mightiness of the pen vs. mightiness of the sword
  5. Email communication vs. hand-written letters
  6. Speaking vs. writing
  7. British English vs. American English
  8. Formal writing vs. colloquial languageLinks to an external site.
  9. Book vs. the movie version
  10. Reading assigned books vs. choosing your own
  11. Poetry vs. proseLinks to an external site.
  12. Science fiction vs. historical fiction
  13. Alternative medicine vs. traditional medicine
  14. Photos posted online vs. photos kept private
  15. Meeting people online vs meeting in real life
  16. Video chat etiquette vs. in-person meeting etiquette
  17. Genetic testing for diseases vs. traditional diagnostic methods
  18. Nuclear power vs. coal-fired power plants
  19. Planting more trees vs. cleaning up water systems
  20. Alternative energy vs. traditional power plants
  21. Hurricanes vs. tornadoes
  22. Driver-operated trucks vs. self-driving trucks
  23. E-readers vs. traditional paper books
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