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Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Advancing cultural and clinical responsiveness. see details below.

Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Advancing cultural and clinical responsiveness. see details below. Advancing cultural and clinical responsiveness Affiliation: of theterm “Culturally and clinically responsive practitioner with an ethical framework” as it pertains to the provided article.

Psychologists should be clinically responsive to their clients by following the clinical guidance while diagnosing and treating their patients as stipulated in their studies. At the same time, they should be mindful of the differences between their cultures and the cultures of their patients and no matter how conflicting these cultures maybe, the psychologist has to be competent culturally and accommodate the culture of the patient and tailor the treatment according to that culture (Gallardo et al, 2009). In both of these responses (cultural and clinical), the psychologist should always aim to work within the set ethics according to the American Psychological Association ethics guidance.

2. Explain how and why leaning to be a culturally responsive practitioner will help you become ethically and culturally competent psychologist.

A culturally responsive practitioner is vast with the different cultures and this makes him accommodative and understanding and hence does not let emotions interfere with his work and hence it will be easier to follow the ethics set. Being culturally responsive practitioner also implies that the psychologist is ready to diagnose and treat any patient no matter their culture (Gallardo et al, 2009).

3. How will learning about culturally and clinically responsiveness improve your skills and abilities to become an ethically and culturally competent psychologist?

The information about cultural and clinical responsiveness first enables the psychologist to prepare oneself to handle any patient whose culture is different from. This therefore presents ample time for me as the psychologist to come up with skills to handle such patients (their diagnosis and treatment) effectively and be competent with their culture as well. I will also come up with mechanisms to separate my emotions with my duties and hence ensuring that i will still uphold the ethics required of me in this line of work and in the end deliver the best treatment possible for the patient.


Gallardo, M. E., Johnson, J., Parham, T. A., and Carter, J. A. (2009). “Ethics and multiculturalism: Advancing cultural and clinical responsiveness.” Professional . /Psychology: Research and Practice, 40(5), 425–435.

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