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Complete 1 page APA formatted article: The Advantage of the Innovation in the Healthcare Services.

Complete 1 page APA formatted article: The Advantage of the Innovation in the Healthcare Services. The telemedicine policy has enabled many rural patients to acquire proper and affordable medical care despite their social and living standards (Targeted News Service 1). It has enabled the healthcare providers to provide quality services to all in this state that is their primary goal. This has been fuelled by faster and easier means of payment as compared to a few years ago.

Further, there are positive outcomes attributed to this policy as most patients have adopted it. The policy provides easier means of payment as well as delivery services to all clients. This explains why the innovation has succeeded in most stated. Moreover, the federal government has shown its support by providing the necessary infrastructure to enhance its workability.


Payment of these services delivered by this means remains to be a significant challenge to clients. This is because both the patients and the service providers face challenges when processing insurance requirements. Further, means of payment do not stream easily and faster as expected. Hence, it hinders all the players in this industry to take full advantage of this innovation. In addition, this policy has led to the rise in health premiums that most average citizens cannot afford with the current economic conditions in the country.

Despite the merits and demerits attributed to this policy, the typical person is set to benefit. Hence, adoption of this policy in most states is aimed at enabling the ordinary person to have access to quality healthcare. The level of its success in adoption is a clear indication that the system will be of great help to all in the country (Targeted News Service 1).

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