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Complete 10 page APA formatted essay: Special needs pathway-.Download file to see previous pages others (A Dictionary of Nursing, 2003). Any individual is unique with respect to "thoughts, moods, acti

Complete 10 page APA formatted essay: Special needs pathway-.

Download file to see previous pages

others (A Dictionary of Nursing, 2003). Any individual is unique with respect to

"thoughts, moods, actions, and perceptions". These higher level functions of brain are

distorted and appear to establish no link with the reality and environment in

schizophrenia. People with schizophrenia can hear voices that to them seem to come from

outside but actually internally generated as reflections of their very own distorted

thoughts and thought processes. Thought process may be affected and disorganized

to becomes disjointed and difficult to follow. Since conversation is a function of thought

process, there ceases to be any discernible connection between ideas, and conversation

becomes incomprehensible (Colman, M.A., 2006).

Schizophrenia can "diminish motivation, initiative, and emotional outlets". Over

time, the patient and the family and friends lose contact with one another, the patients

fails assignment in job or work, and his emotional status prefers isolation. In short,

schizophrenia is a mental disorder that affects the "very fabric of the human mind,

robbing it of the many facets of thought processes, abstract thinking, creativity, emotion,

and skills of social interaction", which are innate in human beings (Gelder, M. G. et al,


Statistics/Prevalence: As currently defined by the World Health Organization, just

fewer that one (about 0.85%) in 100 people will suffer from schizophrenia in their

lifetime, and it is the ninth greatest cause of disability in the world. Data will prove the

exact load of the disease. if indirect costs are considered, the financial burden in England

is about 2.6 billion per year, even without allowing for lost careers and lost lives. In...

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John S. Brekke and Jeffrey D.

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