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Complete 10 page APA formatted essay: The Emotinally Healthy Church.Download file to see previous pages... The arguments and conclusions of the author are bold and beautiful. The role of emotional car

Complete 10 page APA formatted essay: The Emotinally Healthy Church.

Download file to see previous pages...

The arguments and conclusions of the author are bold and beautiful. The role of emotional care in religious resolutions is of utmost importance. One of the cultural aspects that are sweeping all segments of life is religious adaption and interpretation of the basic tenets. The author has attempted to answer on this subject with remarkable insight. The new millennium church demands thorough knowledge of the religious texts (most importantly Bible) and skills and resources are needed to practice Pastoral Care. A vision that emanates from purity of heart and positive thinking are essential to do great works for God. Double standards and hypocrisy are least desired in religious practices. Magnificent mansions of the churches alone do not contribute to true spirituality. To lead the congregation in a church through the clear path of religion needs lots of study, internal discipline, depth of understanding and spiritual maturity. Parrot-like repetition of the sermons will soon turn the congregation lethargic and uninterested. New insights, interpretation of the revelations in tune with the changing circumstances without compromise on the fundamentals, are challenging tasks. Present state of affairs in the Churches: Scuzzero sees serious problems with the administration of the churches both from the spiritual and secular points of views. Implementation of the biblical virtues in the day to day activities is the real test of an individual. Unless one experiences spirituality and translates it into action in secular dealings, such scriptural revelations will turn out to parrot-like repetitions only. They will not contribute to the inner growth and spiritual advancement. An individual is the basic unit of the society. The deliverer of the sermons must possess the intrinsic spiritual dynamism to transform the attendees in the congregation. As the wise saying goes, when the thought process of an individual changes, the mind is changed. when the mind is changed, the man is changed. when the man is changed, he/she contribute to overall societal well-being. Unfortunately, according to the author, the churches have become the conflict-zones instead of being the conflict resolution centers. Truth undoubtedly has the capacity to liberate men from negativities, but superficial, cosmetic treatment in the name of truth will encourage wrong values. Spiritual maturity is not an instant process, but one’s practice has to be regular with reference to a particular goal. Its ultimate objective is to transcend the personal limitations and to understand the true import of universal brotherhood. During this journey, one has to forget past wounds, sins and failures, treat grief and loss as pairs of opposites of the same truth, alternative beats of the same heart, and thus make incarnation the model to truly love others. Scuzzero, besides being a spiritual minister, in secular terms he is the management expert. The arrangement of the topics in the books is done with managerial expertise.

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