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Complete 11 page APA formatted essay: Managing Information Services.In this stage the user's expectation regarding the system can be known. This will help in building a better system. The needs of the

Complete 11 page APA formatted essay: Managing Information Services.

In this stage the user's expectation regarding the system can be known. This will help in building a better system. The needs of the user may differ according to the system and the purpose of the system. The requirements depend on the user's knowledge and the end user's preferences. The user's expectations will vary depending on the environment on which the system is implemented.

Assessing the user needs is an important concept in developing a system. Though all types of organizations use the assessment framework, it is mandatory for the companies based on information technology. Since these companies deal with systems and they develop systems for each operation like report maintenance, decision making and evaluation, assessment framework is an important component. (Westbrook, 2001).

to analyze the requirements of the user. A framework is developed which can gather the user requirements and help the organization in developing and maintaining the library according to the needs of the user. People expect a library to have all the necessary equipments. They prefer an environment that can guide them in the process of selecting books. The requirements of the user are identified and the necessary modifications are made in the existing system to suit the user's needs. A framework is designed and it uses various strategies and methods pertaining to the division where the new system is implemented. If the library service is developed based on the user's needs, then there are more chances that the numbers of members increase.

Hence a library service expects the user to express his opinion regarding the requirements. The framework includes the various methods using which the needs of the user can be determined.

There are many ways to assess the user's needs. The organization may select the method according to their choice and the importance of the system. While developing a system, the designer and developer must make sure that the requirements are feasible. Hence a feasibility study is an important task in developing a system. The company has to decide the users and should conduct this assessment based on the user. The organization has the responsibility to decide about the system and its working and implementation procedures.(Nicholas, 1996). This is an important task since based on this only the company can conduct the user assessment.

The requirements and expectations of the users differ from time to time and system to system. The company must select a method that suits the user and the one in which the user is comfortable in expressing his opinion. Though there are several methods, there are certain strategies followed by the companies. The companies select

the required method based on these strategies. The strategies are formulated according to the company's situation and position in the market.

User's Role

In today's world user is the important person who decides the fate of a company. There are various options for the users and these options are increasing day by day. Since the user will make use of the developed system, user's involvement and opinion becomes the major criteria. (Hockings,, 2000). To fulfill the user's expectations is not easy and the company has to strive hard to satisfy

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