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Complete 12 pages APA formatted article: Essentials of Gillette's Marketing Company.

Complete 12 pages APA formatted article: Essentials of Gillette's Marketing Company. The marketing mix to be used should reflect the desires of the consumers which should be derived from the company’s understanding of their preferences regarding its products. Satisfied customers usually develop a great extent of loyalty in a company’s brand which in turn acquires a large market share compared to its competitors. Gillette is one of the companies which have dominated the market for safety razors amongst other sanitary products through the use of a superior marketing strategy.

Information was gathered from existing literature on marketing published in journal articles, books on marketing, and publications available in the Company archives. An analysis of the information gathered was done while relating the company's success to the theoretical models. Accomplishments of the company in regard to these models were analyzed while comparing it to the strategies of competitors.

In this report, there is useful information in regard to the development of an appropriate marketing strategy for a company that wishes to boost its competitive advantage. It highlights the significance of marketing to organizations as well as the various theoretical marketing models which can be adopted in marketing by organizations. It discusses a range of marketing aspects in detail, definition, and the history of modern marketing. These include marketing strategy, marketing mix (the 4Ps), market segmenting, targeting, and positioning (STP). These have been discussed with respect to the Gillette Company, a largely successful shaving company that enjoys an enormous global market share. The company’s marketing strategy has been discussed extensively, indicating the importance of marketing in the prosperity of companies. To conclude, the usefulness of marketing is highlighted, followed by recommendations that a company can adopt in order to cope with the rising competition in the global market.

According to Costa, J.A., and Barmossy, G. (1995 p. 67), “The process of marketing involves the production of goods and services, providing information to consumers, as well as distribution”.

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