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Complete 12 pages APA formatted article: Research methods for art market: quantative & qualitative.

Complete 12 pages APA formatted article: Research methods for art market: quantative & qualitative. According to Mangan (2004), researchersought to incorporate methods that are going to beconsiderateof how theyview the world and look into alternative methods. They ought to carry out research in the most valid way. In the past, qualitative and quantitative research methodologies were two different projects with each one focusing on different areas. During those times, qualitative majored on small sample of data usually not statistical while quantitative on other entailed large samples of data that are majorly statistical. In the current world, quantitative researchers are incorporating qualitative techniques to make research on surveying more engaging. On the other hand, qualitative researchers are embracing quantitative skills to especially fuel online discourse. Today, platforms have been put in place to make the connection and use of the two methods easier.

Qualitative and quantitativeresearches are the two main techniques thathave been used depending on the data to be gathered. According to Denzin and Lincoln (1998), Qualitative research technique it used in most cases used to interpret social interactions while quant is used to test hypothesis in order to look into causes and effect and make prediction s about an occurrence. Quali is use to study small groups of data that are not randomly selected such as images words and objects while quanta is mostly applied in the study of data that are randomly selected numbers and statistics. Hence, quntitave research is based on the interpretative, natural approach to subject matter. Researcher in this field try to make ought phenomena things in their natural setting where no addition or any kind of modifications. Qualitative research follows certain principles to enable gathering of information.

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