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Complete 12 pages APA formatted article: The effect of the United Kingdom on the business environment of the EU.

Complete 12 pages APA formatted article: The effect of the United Kingdom on the business environment of the EU. The Single European Act that was enacted through the provisions of the Treaty of Rome is a key factor in the evolvement of the EU. It created the Single Market which has been one of the greatest and most successful actions initiated by national governments in the Union. This Act was designed not only for fair trade practices but also for the purpose of mutual acceptance of qualifications, harmonizing company law, imposing taxes and levies, the support of government to industries and other aspects such as government initiatives which enhance or diminish the advantageous position of a company.In December 1992, the Member States agreed to ratify this legislation. However this is not final as the unification process is a continuous one. The Treaty of Rome contemplated a free market in goods and services. Nearly seventy per cent of the European GDP emanates from this free market. Critics argue that firms that were in operation in the previous Member States that had streamlined costs and standards could be slowly weakened or injured by new firms in the new Member States with substandard ethics and costs. In order to meet this eventuality the Council of Ministers has endeavoured, several times, to set up a Services Directive with a standard regulatory framework, which is under examination and has not yet been finalized (Walsh, Stephens, & Moore, 2000, p59).The United Kingdom was not only unable to accept the supremacy of the EU but it was also reluctant to abandon its sovereignty. The current position is that Tony Blair's regime also chooses to extend cooperation by way of intergovernmental arrangements. It continued this stance of ignoring the predominant role of the European Court of Justice. In the year 1997, during the Amsterdam Summit the UK government was successful in retaining its right to maintain barriers at its national boundaries (Hall & Bhatt, Policing Europe. EU Justice and Home Affairs co - operation).

It had regularly interpreted the principles of free movement under the Single European Act according to its convenience and in a manner that differed from other Member States. It does not want to permit EU citizens or anyone else to travel without a passport in the UK and it upholds its right to control the travel of non - EU nationals into Britain. This opt - out position exempts the UK from implementing the provisions of the EU, which provides for less stringent passport restrictions, and from permitting immigration and granting asylum. However, the UK is bestowed with a right to opt - in to EU arrangements in the future (Hall & Bhatt, Policing Europe: EU Justice and Home Affairs co-operation).

The political importance of the UK's EU policy depends upon Justice and home affairs. Two significant decisions that represent its position of keeping away from EU integration are the decision not to join the EMU and the decision to opt - out from the implementation of free - movement of goods and people. The UK's ambition is to become the most important Member State in the EU and acquire a dominant position on par with France and Germany (Hall & Bhatt, Policing Europe: EU Justice and Home Affairs co-operation).

In order to fulfill its aspirations the UK will chose the opt - in option in more free - movement policies in the near future. This strategy will endow it with a major role in the formulation of the migration policies of the EU. The UK yearns to display its strong determination to obtain an increased cooperation from the police and the judiciary in order to combat organized crime. In the area of judicial cooperation the government of the UK aspires to be in a leading position in order to bring about a Union - wide judicial scope. The UK with its potentially active law - enforcement institutions and a vibrant judiciary, will create a friendly atmosphere in international cooperation.

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